Cool D.I.Y.: How to make a fun kids outdoor teepee [Video]

27 January 2013 | By

Add some fun to your backyard with a colorful bold graphic designed kid-sized teepee.

There is one word to describe this D.I.Y. project: Awesome! At least that is what your kids will be saying over and over once they see their new kid-sized teepee you built just for them. The special part about this tee-pee how to video, is that designer Dan Faires shows you how to create the super cool bold graphic design using spray paint and tape that will make this project really stand out and look special. We also love that he includes an extra tip on how to make the teepee waterproof so it can live outside –because, really… who has room in their house for a teepee these days? Another idea for how to use this tee-pee project: create a smaller version and place a cushion inside for the family dog ¬†and have the COOLEST COACHELLA-INSPIRED WATERPROOF DOG HOUSE on your block.

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