Get seating and storage in one from this easy D.I.Y. project [Video]

27 January 2013 | By

Here is a simple solution to create more storage in your bedroom or any room.

Any project D.I.Y. expert Dan Faires takes on, we want to do! Here is another total winner for a project that is also INEXPENSIVE: Dan shows us how to transform an old chest with bold colors to create a modern multifunctional piece of furniture.

Take a $20 steamer trunk you can find anywhere (from garage sales to maybe even from the back of your own garage) and spray paint it with a chic metallic hue and a surprise pop of color on the inside. Add some glossy painted legs and voila! You now have a multi-functional piece to add seating and storage to any room and a modern touch as well.

We also love the idea of playing with brighter colors or pastels to make this piece for a child or pre-teen’s room as well – kids ALWAYS need extra storage and this is great way to create a something they would truly treasure – a “treasure chest” if you will! [ha! we couldn’t resist…]

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