Intermediate D.I.Y.: Transform a metal tub into chic outdoor furniture [Video]

27 January 2013 | By

Metal tubs are inexpensive and easy to find at your local hardware store. Here is a fun project that will add to your outdoor decor.

This latest D.I.Y. project is perfect for your patio, though it does require a little more effort and the use of a jigsaw and some drilling (for the legs) –but the results are worth the extra effort to create this functional ottoman-meets-coffee-table outdoor piece that doubles as storage.

We love that Dan Faires picks a bright unexpected color for the inside of the storage ottoman and then shows us how a metallic spray paint (similar in sheen and color of the aluminum tub material) keeps the industrial look but makes a cheap tub look really high-end.

But Dan left out another use for this “cool” tub: why not remove the top and load it up with ice and drinks for a chic “cooler” for your next summer grilling session!


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