6 Reasons To Use Reusable Shopping Bags

15 February 2013 | By

Reusable shopping bags replace over 6 plastic bags every shopping trip.  Single use bags, whether if you use paper or plastic are a waste of natural resources and contribute to the overload of landfill disposal.  Approximately one million birds and 100,000 turtles and other sea animals die each year due to starvation after ingesting a discarded plastic bag.reusable shopping bags

Some grocery stores have banned the use of paper and plastic bags or may have charged you a small fee for paper or plastic, while promoting the use of reusable shopping bags.  Over a lifetime, by using reusable bags, each person would save over 22,000 plastic bags.

Here are a few reasons to consider using reusable shopping bags.

  • Reusable bags have the lifespan of over seven hundred disposable plastic bags.
  • The U.S. alone uses approximately 100 billion new plastic bags per year.
  • Plastic shopping bags take 15 – 1000 years to decompose.  (In a compressed landfill, deprived of atmosphere to help them biodegrade.)
  • Plastic bags make up over 10% of washed up debris polluting the U.S. coastline.
  • It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic bags the U.S. uses per year.
  • Plastic bags help drive up fuel prices, as they are made from petroleum products and natural gas.

Reusable bags reduces these problems.  Remember to take them with you by keeping your grocery list in them or keep them in your car.  Reusable bags are now available in stylish shapes, colors, sizes, custom designs and logos.

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