How to Wash & Store Herbs

12 February 2013 | By

If you are like me, you hate to waste.  I have a really hard time opening my fridge and seeing delicious and sometimes expensive food go to waste.  In this article you will learn the easiest way to hang on to your herbs that first went unused.  Your fresh greens can keep for longer than a few days!  Saved!  Visit for more amazing tips in the kitchen!

Parsley & Cilantro

  1. Mmm
  2. Submerge fresh Parsley & Cilantro under cold water in bowl or sink.  Allow to sit for 5 minutes and swish them around every so often to remove dirt.  Repeat as necessary.
  3. Separate into servings.  You know how much you like in each of your meals.
  4. Take each serving and wrap in one paper towel.
  5. Store your wrapped towels in a gallon bag and place in refrigerator.
  6. Will keep for one week.
  7. Pull out and chop at time of use.

*I have stored my parsley in the freezer before, but only for up to 30 days is recommended.


  1. Yum
  2. Don’t refrigerate!
  3. I recommend snipping off the very end of the stem, giving it a diagonal cut, and placing in a jar with fresh cold water.
  4. This can last about 1-4 weeks.
  5. If you own a basil plant, make sure to water daily and snip off leaves if they become bad in anyway.


  1. Do not wash ahead of time as it will bruise.
  2. Place in jar with a little water at bottom.
  3. Gently make a loose “tent” using a plastic bag to cover the leaves.
  4. Can keep up to 2 weeks

Dill, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme

  1.  Wash at the time of use
  2. Until then, split into servings, wrap in paper towel
  3. At time of use, wash and chop accordingly

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