Keep Your Garbage Can Smelling Fresh

20 February 2013 | By

Oscar the Grouch

It’s hard to keep a garbage can smelling like fresh roses when there is always … well … garbage in it.  You can fill it up with hot water and soap and scrub it out once a week but who has time for that?  With children running everywhere you want a quick and easy way to make the grunge go away.  Go to your laundry room and grab your dryer sheets.  Make sure your trash can is empty and start wiping the inside of the can with a dryer sheet.  The smell will stay on the sides for at least a week and it is so easy to do!  Every time you lift the garbage bag out you will smell that sweet citrus or lavender-vanilla scent.  Once every month you should definitely clean the can with soap and water.  Try this and see what a difference it makes.

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