Snow Preparation-The Commuter’s Edition

14 February 2013 | By

Tips from a lady who has lived and driven in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin her whole life.  No garage included.

The pretty little flurries are around the corner, and depending on where you live, the heaviest of the snowfall could be coming soon.  It’s usually the toughest on those of us who own a car, don’t have a garage, and worse, must park on a busy street located in a city.  This article will give you all the know-how on how to make your winter commute a lot easier on you.  *Please note that these tips are for the everyday commuter, and does not cover all of one’s bases in case of an emergency situation.

If you must park in a public space, read the signs and take them seriously!  You could get plowed in, ticketed, or towed if you don’t.  If you don’t want any of these things to happen to you, it is wise to park in a spot that is for certain a space you can leave your car overnight or for a few hours at a time.  Cities should have information on their websites that explain parking rules in your area.

Buy These Items and Keep Them in Your Car

Shovels are a must and will eventually solve any snow situation you find yourself in.  Having two in car is helpful if you need different sizes or if someone wants to help you get unstuck.  You also have the ability to help others now as well.

Some Recommendations

  • Snow windshield wipers
  • Sunglasses.  Light reflecting off the snow makes it hard to see.
  • Extra set of gloves just in case
  • Bag of salt for melting snow beneath tires.
  • Bag of sand to give you a good grip on the road if you find yourself slipping.
  • Lock De-Icer for the mornings when you can’t get your key in the door.


Car Preparation and Maintenance

Make sure all your fluids are full.  Pay close attention to your coolant levels as well as your windshield wiper fluid.  Make sure your windshield wiper fluid is a kind that does not freeze.

When you arrive to your destination, leave your windshield wipers extended to prevent them freezing to your windshield overnight.

Get your car washed frequently during the winter to prevent rusting on the exterior and underneath your car.  It will prevent rusting on “interior” parts of your car and prolong repair needs concerning them, saving you money.

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