Spooky Wine Bottles

01 February 2013 | By

For many, detailing the home in unexpected and fun décor is a must. Many homes have wine themes and even if your home doesn’t, bottles make for a warm personal touch. Save a few bottles for creating some entertaining and ghastly pieces to place on a mantle or shelving.


Clear bottles are the most versatile to use as you can paint them any color you choose. Collecting green tinted bottles make for some cute pumpkin or witch bottles.

Time: 30 min (Plan for time it will take for 2-3 coats of paint to dry as well)

You Will Need:

-Goo Gone, baby oil, or warm soapy water for label removal

-Spray paint (for base coat)

-Acrylic paint (for detailing)

-Masking or painter’s tape


-Cup of water for rinsing brushes You May Want:

-Rustoleum’s Frosted Glass Spray (if you want a frosted glass look to make ghosts!)



-Newspaper to protect crafting surface

-Hemp string or fake straw for tying around the neck

-Paper or cardstock for a bottle label (i.e.: POISON!)

-Decals that you can apply to painted surface or glass

-Glow sticks or a delicious concoction to put inside the bottle!

Let’s Begin: Once you have gathered your items, make sure you wash the bottles thoroughly. The paint will hold better on a clean, smooth surface. Before spray painting, use masking or painter’s tape to tape off sections of the bottle you don’t want covered by paint. For a Pumpkin bottle, tape off the neck so the green glass shows as a pumpkin’s stem. Once dried, you will probably need a second coat. When all spray paint is dried, use acrylic paint or decals to add your design. Please see http://www.brangeta.com/automotive/vinylinstructions.html for all your vinyl decal instructions and tips. If you feel uneasy as an artist, use a pencil first to sketch out your design. You should be able to erase on painted surface if need be. When finished with painting details, marvel at the new craft you just made! Go the extra step with tying a funny label around the neck of the bottle. Here are some ideas: -Hallowine -XXX -Poison – Life Renewal Potion – Werewolf Blood – Witch Hazel – Wolfsbane, – Parasitic Swamp Water – Venom This craft was inspired by the following websites. homedit.com naptimecrafting.blogspot.com

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