Organizing your Kitchen: Tupperware Cabinet

22 March 2013 | By

After living in this apartment for over a year, I’ve managed to find great ways of organizing most areas in my living space.  One area that just constantly decides to do its own thing is my Tupperware cabinet. This week, I’ve decided, is “Organize your Tupperware Week.”  From the research I’ve gathered, I believe unless you are the Tupperware queen, it should take most of us anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour tops depending on how much you own.

Let’s get cracking.

1. Empty the space you are storing all of your plastic containers.  I recommend storing Tupperware in a cabinet or drawer that is easy to access.  If it’s easy to access, the better chances of it staying organized.  I recommend using shelves inside cabinets, or “drawer type” kitchen storage as well.

2. Wipe out cabinets or drawers.  Make sure all Tupperware is clean.

3. Match your lids to the bottoms so you aren’t keeping any odds and ends.  Also please part with any items you don’t use!  My personal rule is, if I haven’t used it in the last year, I will never use it.  Donate unwanted items!

4. Shopping Opportunity:  If you don’t already have some nice larger containers for “separating” bins, here is your chance to buy some.  Separating is basically the key to this whole section of your kitchen.  The picture will help explain what I mean.

5. Let’s organize.

Your organizing might differ depending on if you are storing your containers on shelves or in drawers.  If you are working with shelves, cabinets, or shelves inside cabinets check out these great photos.  I’ve noticed many homes store their Tupperware with lids ON the actual container and do a stack style.  Being able to just grab what you need without any searching can be a real time saver at the expense of sacrificing space.

If you are storing your Tupperware in a pull out drawer, check out this photo.  Use your dividers and larger containers to separate lids from bottoms.  Place like sized/shaped containers with like sized/shaped containers.Sometimes family members don’t always marvel at organization the way we do.  I really hope these ideas have made it easier for you and your family to have a hassle free way of storing your Tupperware and we can finally keep our plastic containers under control.

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