DIY Embroidered Throw Pillows

26 April 2013 | By

Finishing touches can be the most important part of a bedroom or living room remodel. 

I’ve found that throw pillows can be so pricey, especially these elegant ones that have Rosette Embellishments.

Of course you know what I’m going to say, “Let’s make our own!”  Thank you for showing us how to create our own romantic and graceful Rosette trimmed throw pillows.

What you need

  • Pillow cover (picture shows 20 x 20 ivory “Aina” from Ikea)
  • Pillow insert (picture shows down “Fjädrar” insert, also from Ikea)
  • Fabric for rosettes-any fabric will work! (picture shows 1 yard of cotton gauze)
  • Felt-I recommend having your felt somewhat match the rosette fabric
  • Glue gun with glue sticks
  • Straight pins
  • Aluminum foil
  • Fabric glue (permanent)
  • Heavy book/item to place on top of rosettes glued down to pillow case

Making Rosettes

Take the fabric you chose for the rosettes and cut them into long strips.  You will need 1 strip per rosette and the recommended size is 1 yard by 2 inches.

Once your strips are ready, take your felt piece.  We will make the rosette on the felt, then cut the felt out after.

Take your first strip and fold one end into a point.

Put down a small dot of hot glue and press the point down, being careful not to burn your finger.

Once it has hardened a bit, you can begin to make the rosette.

As you wrap the cloth around to form the rosette, you will be twisting your strip while you wrap it around.

As you are wrapping and twisting, you will also be gluing it down to the felt.

When you get to the end of your strip, tuck and glue the end underneath the rosette.

Now, you will cut the rosette out from the piece of the felt.

When you look at the front of your rosette, see if there is any felt that is showing from behind it or from the side and cut away as much as you can.

If the felt is not completely glued to the rosette, make sure to put some glue down in those spots.

Set aside to cool and continue making all the rosettes you will need.

Making the Case

Put pillow in the case and close it.

Plan where you want your rosettes placed and pin down.Once rosettes are secure, slide pillow out of the case.

Put aluminum foil inside.  You are going to glue the rosettes down and the aluminum foil will prevent the glue going through to the other side of the case.

On the felt side of the rosettes, put a generous amount of fabric glue and place down making sure the foil is beneath that rosette.

When all rosettes are glued down, use your heavy object to place on top to hold them while drying.

Allow to dry over night.

Once case has dried over night, go ahead and insert your pillow!



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