Indoor Fort! Using Recycled Newspaper

03 April 2013 | By

Spring Break often leaves parents scrambling to find fun activities for kids. We’re here to help. Kids and adults alike know forts are… awesome. has created a fantastic fort idea that will keep the kids busy for hours-playing with and creating it themselves!  This fort is made simply from recycled newspaper and tape.  Another cool thing about this fort is it can be small, fitting one, or go as large as the room itself! created this structure!  Yours can go wider, longer, or higher!

Time: 40 minutes+ based on how large you want to go

Age Recommendation: 4-6 (Parents may have to create)

6-11(Parents may have to assist in creation)

11-15(Parents may have to supervise creation)

Possible lessons from this project:

  • Shapes/Geometry
  • Building/(Beginning stages of Engineering)
  • Imaginative Play
  • Teamwork

What you will Need

  • Newspaper (full pages)
  • Masking tape
  • Stapler
  • Bed sheets/blankets (optional)
  • Fake flowers/ribbon (optional for decoration)

What to Do

1.  Roll 2 pieces of newspaper together tightly.  Tighter means more support:
2.  Secure ends with a piece of tape:

3.  Make a recommended amount of 48.  Fewer may work just fine, but about 48 would be best.
4.  Tape or staple 3 rolls end to end to create equilateral triangles.    Create as many triangles as you can:

5.  Begin creating your structure by securing triangles together. Make sure you put extra attention into the “roof” of your structure as           the roof will be what really stabilizes the structure.

6.  Make sure all rolls are stable and don’t move.

7.  Cover with bed sheets (recommended because they are light,) or light blankets.

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