Easy to Grow Indoor Tulips

11 April 2014 | By


Growing bulbs indoors lets you enjoy their beauty and fragrance when spring is still months away or you have no space for an outdoor garden.  The key to success is proper planning.  Growing tulips  or other bulbs are quite easy.  There are two types of bulbs you can select from.  Bulbs that don’t need chilling and those that do.  Tulips fall into the those that do category.  Bulbs that don’t need chilling are native  to the warmer climates such as Amaryllis and Paperwhite Narcissus.  Chilling the tulip bulbs stimulates a chemical inside the bulb that sends a signal to the flower to start growing.  Simply place the bulbs in your refrigerator for two weeks. Check with your local Garden Center to see if you will need to chill the tulip bulbs. There are many beautiful tulip varieties such as Apricot beauty, Attila (violet), White Dream, Blue Eyes, Red Emperor and more to give you a variety of color.

To grow indoor tulips:

Step 1  –  Fill a glass container about 1/3  way up with glass  marbles or decorative stones.

Step 2 – Set the tulip bulb on top of the marbles or stones end UP.  Add more marbles or stones so the tulip bulb is surrounded and supported  but not covered.

Step 3 – Fill  the container making sure the water does not touch the  bulb, but is still close enough.

Step 4 – Place the dish where it will get indirect sunlight for about two weeks.  When the roots reach 5-6 inches move the container to a brighter sunny location.

Now watch and wait for your plant to bloom.

Note:  A shallow dish 4 to 6 inches deep is a good size to start with.


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