Decorative Tin Can Lanterns

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If you have some old tin cans you want to recycle, here’s an idea: turn them into cute decorative lanterns for your garden! They’ll certainly spruce up an otherwise boring backyard, and they’d be perfect for those nighttime backyard parties you’ve been dying to throw. You could either hang them up in a tree in your backyard, line them up along a garden path, or place them on top of your picnic table for a romantic candlelit dinner outdoors.

They’re cheap and easy to make, too!

To make these decorative tin can lanterns, you’ll need:

  • empty tin cans (of course)
  • hammer
  • an assortment of nails of different sizes
  • colorful permanent markers
  • paper, pencil, masking tape, scissors (for patterns)
  • votive candles
  • a towel

Remove the label (or not, it’s totally up to you) from your can and fill it up with water. Then, put it in the freezer and allow it to freeze overnight until the water becomes solid.

While waiting, decide on the pattern you want for the holes you’re going to punch into the can. Draw it on a piece of paper and tape that paper on the surface of your can so that it can serve as your guide.

Now we punch the holes in! Fold a towel and place your can on its side on top of it. Position a nail on the pattern you made, and gently hammer it in until the nail punches a hole in the can.

Once you finish tapping the holes in, place the can under hot water to remove the block of ice inside.

And you’re done! You can now paint it in different colors, draw designs on it with colorful markers, or maybe glue some glitter or sequins on it for an extra pretty tin can lamp.

For the final touch, place a candle inside.

Photo by Elin B / CC BY 2.0


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