Homemade Magnetic Spice Rack

18 August 2014 | By

spicerackFor those of us who have very limited countertop or cabinet storage space in the kitchen, finding an easy-to-reach spot for your spice rack–especially if you have a rather sizable spice collection–can be pretty frustrating.

One solution to this problem that has become popular as of late is the wall-mounted magnetic spice rack. It keeps all those jars from cluttering up your kitchen counter and taking up space that could otherwise be used for your more important daily-use kitchen appliances while still being accessible for your everyday use.

Sound good? Here’s what you’ll need:

-small, airtight glass jars with metal lids
Neodymium magnets
a magnetic surface

To make your magnetic jar, attach the magnet to the lid of your jar with a drop of superglue. You are free to use any type of magnet you want, but do make sure that it is strong enough (not like the flimsy ones found on decorative refrigerator magnets) so that it can carry the weight of the glass jar.

You can quit the project at this stage and stick your new magnetic spice jars on your refrigerator or on any other magnetic surface available in your kitchen, or you can take it a step further by mounting a magnetic, stainless steel sheet on the wall with a drill and some screws.

And you’re all set!

Photo by Wicker Paradise / CC BY 2.0


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