Comic Book Table

06 October 2014 | By

table2Think twice before you toss thatĀ old table that’s been gathering dust in a forgotten corner of your house… because you can turn it into a cool, decorative (but still functional) comic book table by covering it with pages from your old comic books or favorite magazines!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-a table (of course)
-old comic books
-polymer varnish
-a paint brush

Cut out pages or sections from your comic books. Make sure to lay the pages on the table first to make sure every piece will fit.

First, brush some varnish on the surface of the table–make sure it’s clean and free of dust before doing so. Next, wet each page or section and lay flat on top of table, arranging all the pieces together.

Once you’ve placed every piece on top of the table, let it dry. Then, brush another coat of varnish on top.

And you’re done!

Photo by Selena N.B.H. / CC BY 2.0

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