DIY Bookshelf with Teacup Garden

03 November 2014 | By

teacupYes, it’s literally a book shelf. Neat, huh?

Instead of installing a boring old shelf made of wood, install a DIY bookshelf using an actual book, some jute twine, and some nails. It’s cheap, easy, and it’ll definitely make your place look prettier and more vintage-y!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-an old book
-jute twine


And, now this is optional, but if you want to add the adorable teacup cacti garden on top:

-an assortment of cute teacups
-rocks for the bottom of the teacups

First, hammer two nails (make sure that they are completely aligned) to your wall. Now, to create your bookshelf, wrap the jute twine around one side of the book (just one loop) and secure with a knot. Loop the twine around two more times, then tie another knot. Do the same to the other side of the book.

Next, make loop handles of equal length. Wrap the handles around the nails, making sure your shelf is even.

For the teacup cacti garden, just place a few rocks in the bottom of each teacup, fill with potting soil, and add a cactus.

And you’re done!

Tutorial fromĀ Stars for Streetlights

Photo by Stacie / CC BY-SA 2.0

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