DIY Vintage Camera Lamp

17 November 2014 | By

cameraHave you got some old cameras lying around that you never use anymore? If you do, don’t throw them out just yet, because you can use them for your next DIY project–a cool vintage camera lamp!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-3 cameras
lamp kit
lamp pipe
JB Industro Cold Weld
-spray paint for lamp pipe
-duct tape
-clamps or something to hold the camera steady while the cold weld sets
-something with which to spread the cold weld

First off, mix the cold weld on a flat surface that you won’t mind getting dirty. Next, apply some cold weld on your first camera’s hot shoe mount (the part where you attach a flash). Secure the camera by taping it to your work space with some duct tape on either side of the lens–this is supposed to keep your camera (and the other cameras that you will be placing on top of it) from toppling over while you wait for the cold weld to set.

Attach the bottom of the second camera to the cold weld on the first camera. Secure with more duct tape, add cold weld to mount, and attach the third camera. Apply more tape to the last camera.

Make sure all three cameras are aligned. Let cold weld dry for AT LEAST 24 hours.

When that’s finished, take your lamp pipe and spray paint it black–or whatever color you wish–to make it blend in well with the cameras. Then, use the cold weld to secure it to the back of your camera tower.

Let set for another 24 hours or so, then assemble your lamp with the lamp kit.

To make the color slide lamp shade, click HERE.

Tutorial by Stars for Streetlights

Photo by Stacie / CC BY-SA 2.0


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