Pom Pom Throw Pillows

10 November 2014 | By

pillowsColorful pom poms lend such a cute, whimsical charm to anything, don’t they? If you’ve got a boring couch in a solid color that you want to liven up a bit, decorate it with some pom pom throw pillows!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-hand sewing needle
-sewing thread
-felted wool pom poms (for an 18″ pillow)
-throw pillow

Figure out where you want the pom poms to go. Measure the spacing between each one and mark the spot where you want each pom pom to go with a marker or pen. Or, if this is too much work, just wing it!

Use a basic running stitch to attach the base of each pom pom to the throw pillow cover. Then, flip the cover inside-out and do another running stitch on the pom poms to make sure they are secure.

Note: Be extra careful when stitching along the side that has the zipper–you don’t want to accidentally stitch your zipper shut!

Tutorial by Go Haus Go

Photo by Emily May / CC BY 2.0

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