25 Inspiring Upcycled Trellises

26 December 2014 | By

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These 25 inspiring upcycled trellises illustrate a great point about gardening: It’s a cheap hobby unless you buy a lot of supplies at the store. Seriously, who wants to pay $5+ for a pot when we can just drill holes in the kitty litter container, or milk cartons, or any old plastic box-shaped junk we have lying around? The same goes with trellises. We hopped on Amazon.com and searched for “trellis” and found nothing under $10. It’s ridiculous to spend money on a trellis, when you can make a great one out of almost anything in your attic. It makes for a fun project, that’s for certain! We started six hops vines this year, all we did was run six measures of twine from our roof to the ground. 25 foot trellis complete, net cost: 50 cents worth of twine. Let us help you get thinking with these photos of 25 inspiring upcycled trellises:

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