DIY Ombre Throw Pillows

29 December 2014 | By

ombre throw pillowsOmbre throw pillows would make any couch or bed look so much better, don’t you think? They’re just so pretty!

If you’re a fan of the ombre look and have a couple of old white pillow cases lying around, here’s an easy tutorial for making your own Ombre Throw Pillows!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-white throw pillow cases
-fabric dyes
-fine mist spray bottle

Place your pillow case on a flat surface (don’t forget to lay down some newspapers or a tarp first to avoid a mess). You can iron it first if you want, but if it’s wrinkled, that’s okay too.

Fill your spray bottle about one-third of the way with your chosen fabric dye and spray a stripe on the bottom part of the pillow case. Allow to dry.

Add some water to your spray bottle to dilute the dye (to about two-thirds of the bottle) and spray on the pillowcase, just a little bit over the darker patch of dye that you applied previously. Leave it to dry again.

Finally, fill your bottle with water for even lighter dye, then repeat the same process.

Optional: Wash your pillow cases in cold water and vinegar to help lock in the color!

Photo by annieseats / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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