25 Edibles that Make Bad Heart-Shaped Foods

11 February 2015 | By

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Our opinion of heart-shaped foods? Frankly, we prefer food that tastes like hearts over food that looks like hearts. Seriously, heart-shaped food is just about the laziest, most impersonal “D.I.Y.” gift one can give for a holiday. Plus, those “be mine” candies taste like chalk dust. This Valentine’s Day, we’re planting a row of our wife’s favorite flowers in with our crops, and learning to play and sing our wife’s favorite song on piano (“Rainbow Connection”). We’re no cupid, we just pick gifts that are personal, have meaning, and take effort. To illustrate our point- that taking a normal food and stamping it with a heart shaped cookie cutter is sub-optimal- we present you with 25 foods that really don’t impress us in heart-shaped format.


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