Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space Now! [Video]

07 May 2015 | By

Loving these 2 home and reno experts, Anthony Carrino and John Colanera, and their FAST tips on changing up your outdoor space.

With a little imagination and planning, you can get all you need at your local Lowe’s to spruce up and make-over your outdoor space or patio in less than a day.

Their first and best advice” “Tap into your own personality to when designing your outdoor space to be inspired by bold new color.”

Looks like these two men are water-lovers and inspired by the hues of the lake –or is that ocean blue?! Either one, we love what they’ve done with the space.

On your trip to your locale Lowe’s, and after you’ve identified your go-to color scheme, here is your shopping list:

1 – Outdoor furniture – and accent pillow and cushions in your colors scheme, as well as an outdoor rug
2 – Layer on more color with plants that share the same hues!
3 – Look for outdoor vases and lanterns or candles holders in similar or complementing shades
4 – Add a stainless steel large outdoor grill on wheels (so affordable these days) and you may never leave your new outdoor space!

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