Vegan Ice Cream (Made with Coconut Milk)

20 May 2015 | By

vegan ice creamWhatever your reasons are for wanting a non-dairy ice cream–whether you’re a vegan or are suffering from lactose intolerance–this delicious vegan ice cream (made with coconut milk) is going to be your new favorite dessert.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-1 can of coconut milk
-1 can of lite coconut milk
-choice of sweetener
-2 tablespoons coconut flour

Refrigerate the can of full fat coconut milk overnight–this will cause the fat to separate from the water and make the milk creamier.

Once you’ve refrigerated the coconut milk, flip the can over and open from the bottom. Dump the water that has pooled at the top of the can and pour the remaining cream into a bowl. Pour in your can of lite coconut milk, sweetener of choice (white sugar or stevia if doing vanilla or any other light-colored flavors and maple syrup, coconut sugar or agave for other dark-colored flavors like chocolate), and flavoring. Use a mixer to combine.

To flavor your ice cream, vanilla extract would work great for vanilla, cacao powder for chocolate, and real fruit–such as strawberries or blueberries–blended to a paste in a mixer or food processor for fruity flavors.

Add in your coconut flour, then mix again with the mixer.

Place in the freezer for a few hours or overnight to set.

Recipe by Mind Over Munch

Photo by YouTube

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