6 Expert Tips for Farmers’ Market Shopping [Video]

04 August 2015 | By

Bon Appétit editor Alison Roman and SORTEDfood’s Ben Ebbrell show you how to take advantage of the all the best fresh produce available at farmers’ markets.

While we have summarized their tips below, make sure to watch the video to see all the sumptuous and gorgeous produce and local products you can find at your local market.

Here are their 6 tips for farmers’ market shopping:

1 – Scout the scene; don;t buy at the first stand you see and look for the best products
2 – Bring bags! Easy to carry bags that won’t dig into your shoulders after you load them full!
3 – Ask for cooking tips and advice on ingredients that are new to you (or even ones you already know!)
4 – Cash is king! and small bills are helpful to buy smaller amounts. Very few ATMs or credit card machines at the market!
5 – Ugly is beautiful! Don’t get caught up on items not looking perfect like the waxed grocery store versions. These less attractive rural goods probably have twice the flavor!
6 – You can leave the tops behind! If you don’t plan to use those carrot or leafy beets tops, vendors should be happy to cut them off for you

Bring your own bag and stock up!

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