Fastest Homemade Pizza Ever (and Best) [Video]

10 August 2015 | By

Upgrade Your Homemade Pizza With what the pros at Bon Appetit call a “Grandma Pie.”

We think they call this a “grandma pie” because it is so easy to make. It really must be the fastest homemade pizza we have ever seen assembled – and the results (based on the ingredients we see in the video and have listed below) looks incredibly delicious.

Do you have 18 seconds in your day? Then you have time to watch this amazing Bon Appetit how to pizza video on how to make a killer grandma pie.

greased cookie sheet (the kind with edges)
pizza dough
high quality tomato sauce
high quality EVOO (extra virgin cold pressed) olive oil
white onions (sliced paper thin)
Italian soppressata (sliced paper thin)
cherry tomatoes (sliced in half)
parmesan cheese (grated fine)

Bake. Slice. Cut. Devour.

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