Food Secrets to Living a Long Life [Video]

27 August 2015 | By

The team at Glamour magazine rounded up an entire list of secrets to living a long life: more than a century (or even longer, if we’re that lucky!)
Here are secrets to living a very long life, from the folks who all once held the title of oldest living human on earth (so they probably know what they’re talking about). Viva la vida!

Here are some of our favorite food ones below for secrets to living a long life:

– 1 banana a day
– don’t drink
– pork, eggs and lard (huh?)
– honey every day
– a nip of whiskey in the morning (wha? see above)
– frequent doses of vinegar and pickles (no thanks)
– donkey milk (for real?)
– a spoonful of olive oil
And our favorite long life food tip: – waffles and sausage for breakfast!

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