2 Ingredient Sauces (Try All 6!) [Video]

09 September 2015 | By

Are you (and your family) just so tired of basic ketchup, boring BBQ and ranch from a bottle?

Then it is time for you to try making these 2 ingredient sauces. Watch here for 6 super easy sauces you must try that require just 2 ingredients to make them.

Looking for an easy way to amp up your dish? Try one of these 2-ingredient sauces you can make in minutes, and enjoy. In this video, you will see how to make these 6 different sauces:

1) Spicy Sriracha Mayo
2) Sage Butter
3) Miso Tahini
4) Savory Wine Reduction
5) Creamy Tangy Pesto Sauce
6) Lemon Whipped Cream (got pound cake, anyone?)

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