7 Ways to Upgrade Chocolate Chip Cookies [Video]

09 September 2015 | By

Are you still using that recipe on the back of the chips bag for your chocolate chip cookie go-to recipe? While there is no doubt that THAT recipe is a no-fail classic, watch now to learn about 7 ways to upgrade chocolate chip cookies.

Just talking about these cookies makes us swoon, so we will summarize what’s in the video so you can start testing out the chocolate chip cookie upgrades ASAP.

Tips to Upgrade Chocolate Chip Cookies:

1) Brown your butter before adding it (but just make sure it is SOLID again before adding it)
2) Whisk espresso powered into your flour
3) Fold in cereal (the team at Epicurious used puffed rice cereal, but we are leaning toward Capt’n Crunch)
4) Use rough chopped chocolate bars instead of chocolate chips
5) Add a salty snack into the dough (they used salted popcorn, we may try Chex Mix)
6) Sprinkle dough with salt before baking (a more subtle version of the tip above)
7) Dip baked cookies in melted chocolate (we think this works for Brussel sprouts, too)

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