15 Scrumptious Sauce Recipes for Slow Cookers

06 October 2015 | By

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We’ve been using our slow cooker to save big bucks on meals for four. Plus, it makes the most succulent dishes we’ve ever had. Some people say the secret to a great dish is the meat. It’s not the meat: We comb through our supermarket’s half-off section for any meat that doesn’t look bad, then throw it in our freezer. The true secret to great crockpot dishes is the sauce. Storebought sauces will never do: You will need a sauce that is robust enough to infuse flavor throughout a 6- or 8-hour slow cooking session. As such, homemade sauces are the only way to go.

We’ve found 15 of our favorite sauce recipes for slow cookers. Sadly, our ancestors did not slow cook, so we have no family sauce recipes. Check the title to find the website we got the recipe from.

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