How You Can Help Homeless [VIDEO]

19 February 2016 | By

We all like to DO good, right? Well, now there’s an opportunity where we can make a difference by helping get our homeless youth off the streets.

Join celebrity Stylist Derek Warburton in his fight to end homelessness through volunteering at an orginization called The Bottomless Closet.

The program is based in New York City and services women that are survivors. They are in shelters, just out of jail, battered or just living below the poverty line.

And believe it or not, Warburton was one of them. “I was a homeless kid. I lived with my mother and people don’t realized what a slippery slope it is to become homeless,” Warburton says, adding, “It can be any kid — I was on the streets and I feel like it was is important to give back to the community. It’s my duty, it’s my life’s work, it makes me happy to help others. And I want anybody to feel like they can be anything.”

We applaud Derek for turning his life’s negatives into positives. He said in an interview, “I have been dubbed a lifestyle guru and modern philanthropist; but I dub myself a survivor.”

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