In Order To Live Well, You Have To Do Good [VIDEO]

28 April 2016 | By

Doing good and living well is important to all of us, and so it’s especially gratifying when we get to witness public figures helping others improve their lives for the better.

United Healthcare is shining their “do good, live well” spotlight on actress Judy Reyes this week as she visits Tibby Elementary school in Compton, CA where she’s helping encourage the students there to live a healthy and positive life.

“In order to live well you do have to do good. I am just so grateful and excited with our partnership with United Healthcare,” Reyes says in the quick clip above.

The actress reveals she excited to be “Working with these young kids, who are actually so excited to be playing soccer in the rain! [And] helping them work on their physical fitness, work on their health, and work on perhaps creating a partnership with these kids in exchange for being ambassadors of goodwill and community service.”


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