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How to Make an Outdoor Pallet Sofa Step by Step (DIY) w/ PDF MANUAL

April 28th, 2017 | By in Uncategorized

A beautifully designed and detailed manual with every single step to easily build the Pallet Sofa can be found at D’ACHT Design. From the needed materials to the mounting of the screws. The pillows can be found at Please send in your picture and results! DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL: Built and designed in the […]

5 Simple DIY Projects On How To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

September 1st, 2016 | By in Uncategorized

We’ve all heard the phrase “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” It’s a great idea — but, an idea that can often become quite time consuming, nonetheless. So, before you spend your weekend dumpster diving for the perfect vintage coffee table or hopping from garage sale to garage sale to find that cute country-style […]

‘Atchoum The Cat’ Breaks The Internet

August 21st, 2016 | By in Uncategorized

Atchoum the cat has officially broke the internet with it’s furry [and quite frightening] looks! Move over Kim Kardashian! The fluffy feline, whose name means “sneezy” in French, has taken the media by storm, quickly earning thousands of fans after his owners decided to capture his unique appearance on Facebook and Instagram. Atchoum is a […]

Try This Simple Homemade Veggie Wash That Actually Works!

August 20th, 2016 | By in Uncategorized

You probably already know by now that rinsing your fruits and vegetables in tap water isn’t enough anymore–especially if you tend to buy non-organic produce. Rinsing under the faucet may remove some of the dirt (if there is any) from your favorite fruits and veggies, but it will do nothing to remove the pesticide residue […]

Extreme Sand Castle House in The Hamptons [Video]

July 22nd, 2016 | By in Uncategorized, Videos

The Sand Castle House in Bridgehampton, NY, is an extreme home that features a bowling alley, baseball field and a high end spa.

In Order To Live Well, You Have To Do Good [VIDEO]

April 28th, 2016 | By in Uncategorized, Videos
Live Well

Doing good and living well is important to all of us, and so it’s especially gratifying when we get to witness public figures helping others improve their lives for the better. United Healthcare is shining their “do good, live well” spotlight on actress Judy Reyes this week as she visits Tibby Elementary school in Compton, […]


How ‘Race’ Can Help Motivate You To Empower Others [VIDEO]

March 2nd, 2016 | By in Uncategorized
Empower Others

If you’re like us, than you love doing anything and everything you can to help make your living environment, as well as your community, a better place to live by uplifting and helping others- especially the environment. The story of legendary athlete Jesse Owens will help to inspire you once again on why helping others […]

How You Can Do Good And Help Save The World with Eric Winter [VIDEO]

February 24th, 2016 | By in Uncategorized
HGDIY is continuing to discover ways we can educate our readers to do good and live well!

HGDIY is continuing to discover ways we can educate our readers to do good and live well! United Health Care is shining their “Do Good, Live Well” spotlight on Days Of Our Lives star Eric Winter and his wife as they teach children the benefits of helping their communities through friendship and volunteering. The actor […]

How You Can Help Homeless [VIDEO]

February 19th, 2016 | By in Uncategorized
Help Homeless

We all like to DO good, right? Well, now there’s an opportunity where we can make a difference by helping get our homeless youth off the streets. Join celebrity Stylist Derek Warburton in his fight to end homelessness through volunteering at an orginization called The Bottomless Closet. The program is based in New York City […]

How You Can Help AnnaLynne McCord’s Mission To End Human Trafficking [VIDEO]

February 12th, 2016 | By in Uncategorized
AnnaLynne McCord's Mission

DO it yourself! Ever wonder what you can DO to help end human trafficking? Well, actress AnnaLynne McCord has started a great cause in order to help end the epidemic, and you can have a hand in it too. During an interview at an event for LaPalme magazine, the Hollywood starlet opened up about her […]