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Nov, 24 2015

10 Thanksgiving Tablecloths Posted by:

Tablecloth thumb

Tablecloths: Just about the only thing we can’t make from scratch, this Thanksgiving.   Read More →

R2D2 Garbage Can thumb

Trash cans dont have to look so, um, trashy.   Read More →

pumpkin brulee

The only thing better than pumpkin crème brûlée is pumpkin crème brûlée in an actual pumpkin. Impress your holiday party guests with this simple, no-bake dessert. For full recipe... 


If your family is too far away to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, here are 10 tips to host friendsgivng that will make your friends feel at home.  Read More →

Yellow House Picket Fence thumb

It’s called “curb appeal” because it doesn’t have to be part of the house.   Read More →

ca lottery helping kids in schools video

Playing the lottery is not only great for you bank account (if you win!), but the money raised by the state of California is being put back into their communities and their public... 

Chocolate Share Cookie

Want to know what is a Chocolate Share Cookie? Seems it’s Australian for “just a really big cookie.” Donna Hay is a best-selling Australian cookbook author and she...