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HGTV expert Dan Faires, creates DIY photo stands using leftover pieces of wood. Watch this video to find out what materials you need to build these decorative colorful photo blocks... 

Valentine’s Day Wish List

It’s Valentine’s Day so it’s time to do a little shopping! Check out the clip above where Patrick Janelle helps you track down the perfect gift for your main man. The... 

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Get inspired to build your own homemade smokers.   Read More →

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Unlike most cooking, Super Bowl appetizers are all about presentation.   Read More →

Jan, 19 2016

12 Creative Rain Downspouts Posted by:

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One time I saw a bunch of downspouts on a municipal building that resembled the backsides of dogs. I was on a date, so this kind of killed the mood. Thanks a lot, North Hollywood Department... 

Twigs Picture Frame thumb

There are two ways to get a picture framed: Pay someone way too much money to do it, or do it yourself using one a variety of creative projects. Or buy a cheap frame from the store... 


Warm up this winter with this delicious coconut curried butternut squash soup recipe. Learn a few tricks like how to reduce the calories by replacing skim milk with coconut milk....